Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who's your Girl Crush?

With the Girl Crush book now out in the shop, it is the time to celebrate some fantastic girls you just can't get enough of!

Girl Crush is a colouring book dedicated to admiring a whole army of wonderful women who we are convinced in the right time and place would just be our bestest best friend if we had the chance! Every lady's had a girl crush somewhere or other, for a woman who just inspires them to be that much better than before, whether it's because of their style or their strength.

The girls we love are chosen for everything from their talent and heart, to their envy-inducing hair or lips... These are the girls you dream about waving a magic wand and stepping into their shoes just for a moment, girls who are behind some of your favourite songs, shows and films of the last decades, the women who have been the most inspiring beacons of hope or strength in the world, and all of them we love for who they are!

I love Mel has a long history of celebrating the most awesome girls: Colour Me Good Kate Moss was one of the very first books and since then the love has spiralled outwards. One of the biggest modelling sensations recently, the very same Cara Delevingne who appears on the cover of Girl Crush has already had her own colouring book as well! She's just got too much personality to keep to one small book though, so here she is again!

And thinking of girls in general, you can't forget in specific Girls, that is, the show of that name which we love to bits: Lena Dunham's awesome creation gets its full dues in Girl Crush, because we, well, have a huge girl crush on her for being a normal, complex girl who is just like so many other people you have known... But she gets to write and star in a very cool show that makes a spot on your TV schedule where girls behave and look like real people! You can celebrate the wit and wisdom of this show, condensed into the form of a set of very pretty pink pencils with the sort of messages you realise pretty pink pencils should always have had forever, or show your loyalty to the Girls by displaying them proudly around your neck in a cute charm necklace!

Let's leave it to the awesome Beyoncé (who of course is loved to bits in Girl Crush!) to finish off this public service announcement!

So who's your Girl Crush?