Thursday, January 16, 2014

Colour Me Good Thursday

Thursdays are a day for colouring in! Whether you pick up one of our Colour Me Good books from the I Love Mel store, or steal one of your kids' colouring books to have a go yourself... Or draw something of your own, Thursday is the day to do your colouring!

Follow us on Twitter or Instagram and tag your work with #CMGT (colour me good Thursday) or #Colourmegood, and start sharing your own colouring!

This week to celebrate Kate Moss' 40th birthday, Mel has coloured her good!

Some of the great examples of Colour Me Good on the internet include: by benpost5 by albinojay by devon_poole (you definitely have to click onto his page to find a video of him colouring it!)

Don't forget Colour Me Good Thursday can be about colouring in just about anything! I hope the rest of you get out there and start scribbling next Thursday, let's see what sort of artwork you can produce!

love Mel x